difference between 93line: junmyeon needs to stand on chankai for support meanwhile zitao can lift minseok all by himself oh goddamn

Hello. This is EXO’s guardian leader Suho.

Two years have already passed since EXO’s debut. Many things have happened in these past two years.

We shared the sorrow, joy, and excitement of every moment. These past two years have indeed been a very happy two years.

Whether it be two years, twenty years, or fifty years, I want to be with you every step of the way. I really do love all of our fans and members.

I hope these sincere words are felt in your hearts. Once again, thank you and I love you. WE ARE ONE EXO let’s love!

trans: fy-exo | source: exo-k’s official website
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"Without Hyejung, I probably would have died. That’s what I think. So, she’s my life jacket. That’s what she is to me. When you propose, you honestly make that promise that you’ll never make her cry and that you’ll never hurt her. Then right from the moment we got married and she got pregnant, so many things have happened. And what did she do wrong to have to share that fate with me?"


a pic in which sehun looks swole as fuckimage

when luhan’s face does things

huang zitao for kolon sport fashion